Dr John Ebnezar is an Internationally Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon with a listing in the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for the most

number of books written by an individual in a single calender year and is a Rajytosawa Awardee with 60 other prominent awards.

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He is the first and the Only Orthopedic Surgeon in the World to do a PhD in Yoga and is the recepient of the Best Research Award

by Bangalore's World Famous Yoga University S-YVASA(See Below for Images).

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He holds a Doctorate in the role of yoga in  treatment of Osteoarthritis of the Knee,which is the most common form of Arthritis across the Globe. 
He has several researchs on the role of yoga in the treatment of lower back pain,neck pain,shoulder pain,fractures etc.
He has trained many yoga therapists and conducted various workshops and programs related to yoga. 
He has several scientific publications in various International Peer Reviewed Indexed Journals.
He has given guest lectures,made presentations,presentaed posters in various International and National Conferences all around the globe.
He has authored 11 books on the role of yoga in treatment of various common orthopedic disorders.
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  He is an enterpreneur and has three centers in Bangalore. 

For a complete profile of Dr John Ebnezar and his various activities please visit his Website:  www.drjohnebnezar.com

He is now set to serve the corporate clents with yoga on the following issues related to the Corporate World:

1.  Role of Yoga in the Management of Stress.

2.  Role of Yoga in the Management of Mind.

3. Yoga way of Destressing in the work place.

4.  How Yoga could help you tackle health related problems related to corporate world?

5.  Role of Yoga in the prevention and management of RSI.

6.  How Yoga could increase the work efficiency of the Managerial Staffs

These topics and many more.

The Services he can offer at your premises on a weekly,fortnightly or monthly basis are:

He has a team of dedicated yoga teachers and yoga therapists who can assist him in this endeavour.


* Highly qualified Orthopedic Surgeon
* The Highest Qualification in the Field of Yoga and Research - PhD
* An Accomplished teacher having taught in various prestigious Institutions.
* A Very Powerful Orator
* A Very good and Solid Research Backing
* Plenty of Experience

In case you wish to contact him: 


Mobile:  9986015128

Email:  pshospital@drjohnebnezar.com
Website: www.johnebnezar.com